Kitchen Pantry

I can’t even count the number of times I would clean out our pantry and assign different items to each shelf. No matter how hard I tried to keep things straight we always ended up with a nightmare of a mess in our pantry. Time after time I would end up with two containers of baking powder, 3 packages of brown sugar, and countless bags of nuts. We never knew exactly what we had in the house so if a recipe called for an item it was on my shopping list and it is embarrassing to think about all the products that expired here and ended up in the trash. After reading this post about pantry organization I was inspired to get our pantry under control once and for all.

This project is actually what started my desire to organize our home and in turn our lives as a whole. I quickly learned a pretty basic lesson on organizing. More on that later! (link to post coming soon) Now I just need to share all the products I used for this project in response to several friendly requests for “where did you get those baskets”

The inspiration can be seen at the link above. Here is what I accomplished in our home: DSCN2572


I measured my existing pantry shelves and searched online for over an hour trying to find the most cost effective baskets that would maximize my small space.

I settled on these What I love about these is that they are plastic, fairly inexpensive, and available in several sizes. I actually found 2 matching baskets at TJ Max while I was waiting for my amazon order to arrive and those were only $7.99 each.

I used these mini chalkboards to label them Since this project I have ordered more of these and used them throughout the house.

This project was completed about 2 months ago and we still have nice neat orderly pantry. My grocery bills have been reduced drastically since completing this project. I can quickly check to see if I already have a product on hand and check it off my Miss Menu grocery list before leaving for the store.